The Art and Science of Networking

Our next meeting on 1 September 2020 is not just another opportunity for you to build your professional network, it's a chance to really understand the art and science of networking.

We have two brilliant speakers with so much wisdom and experience to share so be sure to book your spot.

Matt White

Sustainability Integrator and Behavioural Scientist

Matt, who coaches and consults on systemic change, has a deep understanding of the science of behaviour, connection and performance - all the attributes of successful networking.

His work with teams focuses on bringing increased collaboration, diminishing complexity and enhancing high-performance people characteristics.

The systemic model he uses for sustainable results includes neurology, physiology, psychology, organisational systems, technology, people, and brand practices ensuring change is current and congruent.

He is an International Neuro-Semantics Institute Coach and Behavioural Change Associate.

Alison Holmes

Business Networking Coach

Referred to as the Networking Queen, Alison has been perfecting the art of networking for the last 20 years.

From gaining sales without ever having to make a cold-call to creating a trusted business community around her, she truly has mastered the art.

However, it didn’t start that way and in fact it was a pretty bumpy journey. She was a shy graphic designer with not an ounce of confidence, especially in a crowd of “professionals” who was made to go out networking to generate sales.

Her passion is helping you to learn the skill of networking, understanding how powerful it can be and ultimately creating results for you and your business in more ways that you could have imagined.

Grow Your Business | Start Networking Now

Business Networking SA is a membership based organisation built around our common goal to help each other achieve our professional ambitions.

Our first group, Polaris, meets every 2nd Tuesday from 8 - 9:30am on Zoom. Further groups will be added as the community grows.

First time guests can attend free of charge using the First Timer Freebie option.

Thereafter you can either attend meetings on an ad hoc basis by purchasing a Visitor Pass for £15. However, the real magic of networking comes from committing to the process through a membership.

Early Bird Special

Get two months of full membership access for a price of one with our launch offer, the Early Bird Special.

A single once off payment of £25 gets you into four networking sessions with unlimited one-on-one connection opportunities.

Book Your Spot

Once you've bought either a First Timer Freebie, Visitor Pass or Early Bird Special you can simply reserve your seat in the upcoming Polaris meetings on the Groups page using the booking calendar.

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