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Business networking is a BIG deal in the UK and US and yet for some reason it's never really taken off in SA. Well, it's time to change that! 

Millions of dollars worth of business is passed between members of networking groups every month around the world. Thousands of businesses use networking as their primary marketing tool. You can make it work for your business too.

Best of the Best

Our model is based on the best practices of groups around the world:

  • One seat per group per profession (no competitors)

  • Blend of formal and informal (a focus on passing on referrals without the intensity of some other groups)

  • Interesting speakers and guests at every meeting (learn something and meet new people)

  • Monthly subscriptions (if you're not getting value we don't want to take your money)

  • Online meetings (no time wasted travelling)

  • First meeting free

  • Two meetings per month with your home group PLUS a free visitor spot every month to attend one of the other groups

  • Max of 30 members per group

  • VIP membership that gives you free access to all of the other groups

  • Additional business support services (TBD)



Keynote Speakers For Our Launch Event

Dr Thomas Oosthuizen

Internationally acclaimed brand and marketing guru

Thomas is a brand maverick. He worked across 29 countries on start-up brands that became global success stories to the largest global multinationals. Thomas’ motto is to do “something that scares me every day.” With a mix of high-level marketing and digital technology experience, Thomas believes his biggest challenge as a human is to challenge his own convention. That is the only way to grow as a human and add incremental value to the world and business.

Julia Kerr Henkel

Executive Coach and Courage Catalyser

Julia is based in Joburg and is the MD of Lumminos Coaching - a professional coaching consultancy working largely with executives and corporate teams. In 2019, Julia was selected to study with renowned courage and vulnerability researcher Brené Brown and is now one of a handful of Certified Dare to Lead Facilitators in Africa running courage-building skills programs and keynotes. 

Informed by her 20 years of corporate and life experience navigating transition and change and founded in Brené's empirical research, Julia will talk to us about the skillset of courage and what its going to take to be brave enough to show up and be seen in all our imperfection, to ask for help and to get back up again after disappointment, setback and even failure. 

Andrew Ross

Eventing Maestro

Andrew has been a creative, and strategic influence in global sport sponsorship, eventing and event innovation, and brand activation for the last 15 years. In his (very limited) spare time, Andrew still finds time to present on strategic and activation topics to marketing audiences, professionally MC's the odd event, races single seat F1 style race cars, and scuba dives.


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