Our Story

Business Networking SA was organised around the simple idea that
when we help each other we all benefit.

We invite you to be part of South Africa's fastest growing business networking group to discover just how powerful referrals are to grow your business.


What is Networking?

Business networking is a BIG deal in the UK and US. Millions of dollars worth of business is passed between members of networking groups every month around the world.

Thousands of businesses use networking as their primary marketing tool. You can make it work for your business too.

Our model is based on the best practices of groups around the world:​


Group Leaders


Jessica Whitcutt Fagan

I’m delighted to bring Business Networking to South Africa as this style of marketing delivers quality referrals, through a structured meeting with a stress-free culture.

As a committed networker myself, I have brought together all the best practices and combined them with my professional knowledge to develop an approach to networking that really focuses on building strategic relationships. 

As a reputation management and sustainability consultant, I have my finger on the pulse of business strategy and can't wait to share my knowledge and network with you.

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